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DotA 6.78 Map Download (News & Updates)

DotA 6.78
DotA 6.78 is set to be the upcoming map of offcial Warcraft 3 TFT Dota. IceFrog will be adding new content in this update as DotA 6.77c brought only balance fixes. This main target of this patch will be is to introduce new heroes, items or may be a new loading screen. IceFrog is awaiting suggestions for DotA v6.78 from the community.

Update #1 (26th April 2013) - IceFrog announces release date of DotA 6.78.

What things you want to see in the map? Remake of Visage? A new hard-carry like Anti-Mage/Troll Warlord? Give your feedback below via comments. Also, we'll be updating this page constantly with development updates of 6.78, keep your fingers crossed!
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